Sony CPD-E540 21" FD Trinitron CRT Monitor


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good deal. Although amazon sell it $265, but condition is not new


supper hot shipping price :shock:


Oh man…I wish I could afford this. :frowning:


How do you guys manage to ship a 70lb. monitor for $5?
Great deal!, $550+ on froogle


:?: one day CRT will be the things of past, i can’t wait till that day…


This is a pretty sick deal - every other store I’ve seen it at sells for at least 500 new. Even on ebay refurbished costs more when you factor in shipping.

If I wasn’t desperately wanting an LCD screen, and had 300 to blow, I’d get this. =\


What’s normal shipping for these monitors? Let’s see what Amazon charges…
$4.50 + $0.50 per lb, they say. They list it as weighing 67.1 pounds…Looks like $38 to me. So it ends up $303. And it’s used instead of new, and that seller’s ranked a whopping 2.5 stars out of 5. Man, no thanks.

All that said, I’ve already got a 21" at home and 2 at work, so, as much as it hurts, I guess I’m sitting this one out.


i will buy it only if it is a LCD
haha :stuck_out_tongue:


:cry: not exciting. easily find cheaper ones on ebay (used though).

If it’s a market test, I bet it will not be a good item for a online discount store (big, expensive, not competitive and not fit everyone’s need).

my 2cents.


I am skeptical of the quality of this monitor. The sample image does not appear to be any greater quality than my current monitor. I think I will save myself the money and keep using my old 13 inch.



I want one, but I am crossing my fingers for another aspire dvd deal…

maybe, no, yes it would make a great mame monitor,

NO (girlfriend)

NO, (girlfriend) please
Me or monitor (girlfriend)
But Doom 3 is on its way

I pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever, I’m sure it will be here soon


Man. This seems really solid. I would be weary of the actual quality, but for a 21" monitor at $5 shipping, this is beyond being beaten.


Id buy it if it was $250…$300 is alot of money.


What city/state does woot ship from? Does woot charge sales tax in CA? The tax thing should be in the faq.


They ship from Dallas, Texas

I don’t believe there is tax, I ordered the speakers for $29.99 + $5 shipping, the total charge was $34.99… I don’t live in california though


You can’t beat this price guys come one! $5 shipping with 3 year parts and labor warranty! Buy now or forever wish you had. Flat panels are nice but… 21" with almost flat tube??? Who could reisist, not me… :smiley:


Its a $50 difference. and for 21" thats like nothing. How can $250 be cheap and $300 be alot!??!?!?!?
Just go for it and stop being a wanker!


Bah, If I didn’t spend my 20 on a nice 17’ I might of wasted a good deal of money…god this is scary I almost bought this


It’s “scary” that you almost bought this? Wtf is your problem? Sony makes one of the nicest CRTs in existance and this is priced very reasonable.