Sony DA5200ES Home Theater Receiver with HDMI switching



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Sony DA5200ES Home Theater Receiver with HDMI switching
$699.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sony ES STR-DA5200ES Home Theater Receiver

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Has anyone got any experience with this?


I have one of these… They’re AMAZING!!


This thing scares me. The picture of the back is nuts.


Looks to be a solid woot. we have a Yamaha receiver already but if we didn’t I would definitely be picking up this one.


Looks like a good deal, no need for me though :frowning:

Pricegrabber shows $799


Oh man I want this. No way I could sneak it in the house though! Once I add another remote the questions would start flying. Love all the ports on this thing and the HDMI switching! Wow…someday…


Usually at this price I accept the Harman Kardon name on it.
Sony in my opinion has become average .


Needs to be HDMI 1.3 or no dice. Looks like I pass.


lol yeah agreed…im scared to click the image


Sony’s biggest ES receiver tested out at 66w/ch when rated at 120w per Sound and Vision magazine. The video side can be as great as you want it but it’s still an AUDIO receiver and with that small of an amp, I hope you have really small efficient shitty speakers. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect much sound quality. No headroom what-so-ever! Might as well be part of an HTiB… junk!


my bad… wrong model. it’s about $799 elsewhere


Damn, look at all those inputs! I would love this. With my zune discount I could have this for only $589.99 + shipping. Now don’t you all be jealous.



$455 on Amazon:

Amazon link for the wrong item



$1000 at Crutchfield. Go to the Crutchfield if only, as I often do, for the fantastic pictures.

Good luck!



this is totally planned to compliment the polk speakers offered recently… they’d go together nicely i bet :slight_smile:



I so would be on this if I didn’t already have a receiver and I had the extra cash. I believe (from what I can see of the pic) this has the auto-calibrate system which works great. And this system works with multiple rooms (and the learning remote?!?) If only I could sell my receiver for about 300.


uh, that’s not the same receiver now is it? try this one:


wow that’s one expensive receiver. I’ll stick with my Yamaha.