Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Eh. I got one for Christmas. Returned it. Touchscreen not so good.

fantastic write-up! happy friday, wooters and woot hq!

if only these can run Android

No idea what it does. In for one.

You mean you don’t need a computer to access the internet anymore? The wonders never cease!

How does this really differ from a tablet besides needing a power source?

Interesting - anyone know if there’s a Boxee app? That might be worth it to have a little mini TV in the kitchen or wherever hooked up to my media files.

the chumby was on sale the other day for this same price on wootdeals, this is twice the size. seriously considering one…

Oh cool, I love ipad!

This would be THE ideal alarm clock replacement, if only it could stream my own music from my server. But it can’t. Sigh. Still, it would be a pretty cool alarm clock replacement… decisions, decisions.


At first glance, I said “Oooooo! They put a cool screen on the Ooma Telo!”

I’ll get one if Woot would make an app. I’d settle for a Deals.Woot app.

Can you install Linux or Android?

This is a glorified alarm clock. Check it out this review from CNET:

Limited hack potential not running Android.

I love Chumby! My boyfriend has one in every room of his house. He gave me one and I use Pandora to wake me up everyday. I’ll show him this in the morning. I’m sure he can squeeze another one in somewhere.

Can this run netflix?

Just got one of these as a give away the other week.

Makes a GREAT ALARM CLOCK! You have to look at it that way. It was a bit confusing to set up but after making an account online it got a lot easier.

Nice being able to watch a movie or play pandora while falling asleep. I have it cycling through a bunch of webcams around the world right now, along with flickr photos from my friends. I don’t really do anything active on it though.

Really great alarm clock. $70 is a great price.

No batteries! Here’s a review from cnet…