Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Please, let there only be 1 available…

In for 3…

You jinxed it!

Nope they have every one never sold; i.e., all of them. Ever.

So the fact that these have to be plugged in to use kinda kills their desirability.

That was a bad decision for whoever made that. A Personal Internet Viewer that has to be plugged in, isn’t that called a computer?

I have one.

It’s called a Laptop,Desktop, and cell phone

Even if there’s only one, this one will take a while.

why there is not woot on the screen? That would be only useful purpose for this thing…

I feel like I should buy it – but have no conceivable reason to.

This thing supposedly makes a really great alarm clock! I’m buying 3 and my mom’s buying 3 too! hope they don’t run out… >_>

I would DASH it alright - dash it against the wall, the floor, the dash board, all in frustration. So sad that this is the best Sony can come up with.

What are you going to do with it? If you want it as a weather station, it doesn’t update. As already said, it’s not battery powered so you can’t take it outside on the deck. It’s really an alarm clock and yes, it can stream video but everything can stream video from Netflix these days. Not a very useful or well designed device in my opinion, yes I own one, sadly.

There is a Woot app for the Dash :slight_smile:

Engadget called this a very expensive alarm clock at $200. Actually, at this price it isn’t necessarily a bad deal if you think of it as alarm clock, photo frame, movie viewer, and browser in a pinch.

They’re refurbed, so luckily they only have the ones they DID sell!

I am still trying to figure out exactly how this thing could be considered useful. Other than as an alarm clock, that is.

Maybe you could use it as one of those fancy digital photo frames?

No these are so poor even the brand new ones had to be refurbed

This is a different breed of woot-off killer. At first glance, $75 for a touch-screen device seems pretty great.

Then you actually read the specs, and you realize that $25 would be the price point where you might sacrifice your money for a product you might use once or twice - ever - just to see if they’ll offer up for sale something you’re actually looking for.


Hey, don’t talk about my sisters like that.