Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

* + $5 shipping

1 Sony HID-C10 Dash Personal Internet Viewer, 7" LCD Touchscreen, USB Interface, Stereo Speakers

~$115 shipped @ B&H Photo & Video - Brand new from a somewhat decent retailer

heynorton why do you repeat everything? Is it so later viewers can see the deals that they missed?

The Depeche Mode was a fantastic touch, but I’m waiting for the LIVESTRONG tablet.

I am guessing they are hoping for a Quality post.

It’s great at what it does but the haters will show up soon to bash the Dash.

The real question is why Wootalyzer isn’t doing it. Normally on top of that.

buh zing!

Will this work on my toilet?

I NEED something else to woot on!

I appreciate what you are doing Norton. I just wish you were there for the HP desktop. How much did it go for? Bah!

woot doesn’t post the price, heynorton does it so we can search past woots, and compare prices.

Wootalyzer was doing it earlier, but apparently the mods were deleting their posts. I saw one early on, and when I refreshed it was gone. Perhaps they gave up.

Yeah I was kinda curious about that too… Im used to seeing wootalyzer but havent seen it at all tonight.

This is a modified version of the Chumby. It runs some of the apps though there are restrictions, so if you are a developer beware it is harder to develop with.

The advantage of the Dash is a nicer user interface and the fact that is supports Netflix Instant Streaming, which might make it a very nice deal.

With the new Chumby 8 announced there is supposed to be support for Actionscript 3 coming soon, who knows if the Dash will get the update.

EDIT: there is no battery support for this(it has to be plugged in), which to me makes it personally less attractive because you cant easily use it in bed/carry it around. However it could be a great bedside way to watch some Netflix for others.

Why are people still awake in Illinois?

medium sux

That’s…odd. Why would woot want to do that?

PCmag review only 3 stars…


walmart 3.5 crapmart

Duh! lol

I think I may want one. I think.