Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

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Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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About 114 on amazon via a private seller… 119 from amazon themselves

Almost makes 4 stars on Amazon

MY question is what good are internet viewers? I got a Droid and an Laptop what use would this be?

$114 dollars new on amazon with a 4 star rating. Seems like a good deal seeing as amazon refurbs are $99 and this is new for $79. Does it have flash?

Product page

42 people bought the knives.

Now this one looks cheap compared to that.

Is this the newer version of the Dash or the same one from a few weeks back?

This is a Chumby, with Sony’s name on it, correct?

Is it as hackable as a Chumby?




I can see that you sleep next to your phone, it’s proven to disrupt neural function.

If I can’t play World of Warcraft on it, or if it isn’t a cheeseburger, I’m not buying it. That’s my rule.

Well I don’t like Sony but I do love totally useless gadgets that have internet connections…this is going to be a tough decision.

Some guy named Josh from SONY showing the viewer to a guy named Bauer (Not Jack) at CES.

edit: and may answer zeroelement’s question.

I got 2 of these from Woot (referb) for 10$ less each. I love … love… love it… as long as you are buying it as a clock it is perfect. If nothing is on TV in the bedroom I just pull up Netflix or Amazon streaming…

Is this Payton Manning approved?

I was wondering this same thing.

$114 at Amazon

PC Mag Review

It is the same as the one from a few weeks ago.

Yeah, but this thing has a 1000+ free apps. That’s, like, more than a thousand!