Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

Bought two of these refurbed for 10 bucks less last time. Minus the shipping debacle, I love them! Basically it’s Sony’s version of the Chumby.


This is the one from a few weeks back but is not a referb…

I got this a few weeks back from and have been very satisfied with it. There is a small learning curve when learning how to get netflix, pandora and the 1st party apps working, but once you get it down it’s a great product. At this price point it’s cheaper than a digital photo frame and much more feature packed.

Anyone know if you could open a pdf file one this? Making it an e-reader as well?

Can you play Angry Birds on this?

Here’s a video review.

As I said last time one of these came along…

If it’s got a snooze button, it’s a clock radio.
And that’s the truth…thrrrrppppt*!

cnet review: Sony Dash review: Sony Dash - CNET

This runs the same OS as the Chumby One they sold a couple weeks ago. It is like a desktop/nightstand internet companion. It has apps that replicate a digital photo frame, apps that will grab the headlines/RSS content from your favorite websites, and apps to play pandora and other online radio streams.

I bought a Chumby One through woot and it is a fun little thing. It is pretty limited in scope, and could benefit from a bigger developer community.

What sets the Sony Dash apart is the Netflix Instant Watch support and the fact that because its a licensed version of the chumby OS, it has certain limited features. Im not sure what has been removed but I know certain apps wont run on the Dash (if you are a developer i dont think its very friendly either).

It is indeed a sony Chumby, but it has more horsepower and a higher resolution screen and really good sound (it gets loud!). It also has the ability to play Netflix and Hulu, which are not chumby apps but special for the Dash.

Also, it doesn’t automatically turn off the screen, and there’s no way to set that up. But you can set it up to only alarm on certain days of the week.

Full disclosure: I returned it to best buy for a full refund, and it was only $120 then.

Yes, all chumby apps are written in Adobe Fl(a)sh.

Here’s the Cnet review with video. Low user ratings of 2 stars while editor gave it 3.5. Not bad
Cnet review

Edit: someone posted link above. Never minds :frowning:

But it is NOT over 9000!

I really want to buy one of these, but how do you justify buying it when you have an iPhone?

Comment thread from the last time around.

Basically, if you’re looking at this as a cheap iPad, you will be incredibly disappointed. (It doesn’t work when unplugged, and can’t be used as a Web browser; you’re confined to apps.) If you’re looking at it as a kickass Internet clock radio, you will be quite pleased.

I was in the latter camp, bought it last time, and am quite pleased.

Wish it was Android based & on the XDA Developers’ web site so we could “Flesh” it with a custom ROM & get even better performance & more applications for it.


Is there a browser or a browser app?
Does it support flash?

For anyone that has one…

I have an idea to mount/attach this to a treadmill and watch netflix while running in place, but would it be hypothetically doable?

Got one when it was on woot a couple months ago. Not as cool as I thought it’d be.