Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

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I got one last time it was on woot and LOVE it. I had a few setup issues and a phone call to Sony’s rather impressive support solved it in a few minutes once they reset something on their server.

EDIT: LOL, a few minutes before tonights Woot changed over I loaded up wordpad and found these links and wrote the comment. What a hunch! Fastest woot submit for me ever :slight_smile:

Reviews @ Amazon average out to 3 stars, not great, but for the price…

Good price!

So its a chumby minus the cuteness?!

Your Questions Answered

I don’t think I’ll be getting this. Don’t need it. Doesn’t do something I can’t already do.

I got mine from Woot a few months ago and love it… the best part for me is I have it attached to my Amazon Prime account and stream movies to the bedroom… pop on some headphones and I don’t disturb my girlfriend at all… really nice gadget…

Have they updated this thing so it’s more than just a poorly designed alarm clock with a few widgets?

Correct that they took the cuteness out of the chumby last upgrade to.

$10 cheaper than last time’s deal

So this is a tablet, right?

I have had a dash for a year and it is a fun internet toy .

Have one, and it’s pretty nice, and you can program it to automatically enter sleep or blank screen mode according to a schedule, which is nice. It has a decent number of widgets/apps/thingys, but you’ll probably wish there were more than there are.

Warning: if you have a flaky Wi-Fi connection, be prepared for it to freeze up.

No fair! You’re now selling it NEW for less than I paid for my REFURBISHED one bought from woot not that long ago!


I bought one last time it was on Woot and like it a lot. Had no problem setting up and running apps. I love having Pandora Radio at bedside. I think I paid 10 bucks more awhile ago, so this is an even better deal. Yes, it’s a glorified alarm clock, but ohhh what a clock! LOL ($136.00 at S*M’s Club)

Can anyone tell me what this actually can be used for?

If you need an alarm clock, just get one. It’s one of the greatest alarm clocks ever.

Bought one of these at Sam’s Club for $136 a few months ago. Setup was easy, with LOTS of apps to choose from. Screen was very clear and speed was respectable (though it WAS less than 30 feet from my wireless router).

Before long, the novelty wore off, and it went quickly from cool device to bedside alarm clock to the return desk.

There are just too many other connected devices with more features and bigger screens. I’m sure this is right for many people, just not for me.

Its a miniature ipad… aka an ipod Touch knock off…

which is technical what the ipad was in the first place.

I really like that inset photo on the Dash. That is all.