Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

I just wanna know what happened in the guardian

Bought this a couple of months ago when this came up. I oddly love it - its the perfect little device for Pandora and the local NPR station, photos to impress recruits in my office and check the weather.

Got one of these in a previous woot! offering… very nice.

Makes for a very cool clock radio.

I’ve been eyeing these for a long time. Couldn’t justify the price until now. Woot-hoo!

Previous Woot Sale

I love this dang thing! Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Over 200 cool clock faces, weather, horoscopes, Pandora, Slacker,etc, etc, etc, lots of apps, all on your night stand. Plug in a good set of speakers, and you’ve got a mini-entertainment system that simply works. My favorite Woot buy in a good, long time.

And don’t accidentally unplug it, ridiculous boot time. Awful sound quality too. Exactly what is good about this thing?

Got one of these last time. I love it. Here’s for the inevitable questions:
NO it is NOT an iPad, tablet, or anything resembling one. It is designed to sit on a table or shelf and passively display information from various internet services. There are some apps that allow you to search and view online content, but primarily you will “set it and forget it” and just let it run.
YES it is very much like an alarm clock. In fact, that’s what I primarily use mine for. Have had no problems with it.
You can play media from the USB port, but only mass storage devices (thumbdrives, digital cameras, etc.)
Speakers are decently loud, plus there’s a line out.
Online setup and maintenance is easy.

Go to sleep watching “Blazing Saddles”, wake up to Enya! What’s not to love!?!

I loved my the Sony Dash I got during the previous Woot’ing before the NETFLIX PRICE INCREASE EARLIER THIS WEEK! I’ve since Bing’d “Amazon Streaming Sony Dash” several times and have gotten a few Chumby results.

Does anyone know if this thing will stream Amazon video for a desperately-seeking-film-content ex-Netflix user?

Last time ipad 75$ for ref now its new, this thing gonna sold out again !!!
Such a great device.

there you go

Does anyone know what email applications it supports? I would like to use it to check my email in the morning, without having to boot up my computer. Am I limited to Gmail, or can I check any email?

Better, it’s got Crackle!

Yes!, & if you have Amazon Prime, it’s free. Video quality is superb, for some reason, even better than Netflix.

So does this support more apps then just the ones at the chumby app place which is pretty much dead… Also does that disclaimer mean you cant update the firmware? Also i take it it has a real web browser?

My dad got one for Christmas. He only kinda liked it, until he hooked it up to a Sony stereo, and now can enjoy international music at top volume.
Hardware and software-wise, it’s been solid- I haven’t had any tech calls since we set it up. I don’t even like Sony products, but I have to give them credit for this. Yes, it should have been portable, but my dad is happy it’s not- it’s right where he wants it, and it stays there.

I’m not sure I see the appeal. It does look like a cool little toy, but nothing too special about what it does. Is it because its portable? Anyway, If I got one, I would rather receive it as a gift than spend my own money on it. :-))

just about, everything?
Sound quality? Nah, the sound quality is A OK.
If you fancy yourself an audiophile you’ve got two solid options: plug in a quality pair of headphones, or use a standard 3.5 to rca. Perceived problem alleviated.

I’ll give it to you, the boot time could stand losing a deca-minute or two.
But other than that, it’s awesome.