Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

I know that this is identical to a Chumby, except branded by Sony. Can they be hacked as easily as a Chumby can?

Bueller? Frye? Anyone?

Bought one last time… it makes a cool alarm clock.

I know I’ve seen this before!

Previous Woot (May 20): here


Previous woot–July 16:

Since I’m having trouble coming up with wootalyzer entries in previous woots recently, I’ll insert the $69.99 price for today.

does this play you tube videos?

Some of you may recall the epic PRO and CON debate SDC100 and I had during the previous woot!

I still love myprevious, previous, previous wooted Dash! I highly recommend this for streaming netflix and other streaming media at your bedside. The widescreen is nice and bright and the speakers are amply loud. The clock functions are good enough and I find it easier to hit the big snooze button than trying to find my android phone on my headboard that I had previously used as an alarm clock.

I like this little device. It’s surprisingly small and light, makes for a great alarm clock, and it’s nice to have the web and widgets bed-side. The major downside being that the tiny speakers don’t sound good enough to use it as a radio while working. :frowning: I’m also worried Sony will lose interest in the project.

Oh, and this price is fantastic. Wal-Mart sells them new for $150. And at Amazon it’s about $100 minimum for a used Dash. I’d totally buy for $70!

NOT identical to Chumby - it doesn’t run most of the apps and it’s not hackable.

Bought one last time - Sony is barely supporting these.

But I like mine anyway.

Got one for Mom who literally won’t touch the computer because it has “a Mouse”. But she always wanted to email and search for recipes, the stuff Mom’s do. Uses it every day now. Paid more for it… Amazon?, no brainer.

Wooted this a couple months ago. As long as you’re aware you’re getting what’s pretty much a stationary alarm clock (and NOT a tablet in any way) it’s a pretty awesome product. Great for waking up to internet radio, setting complex alarms, seeing the weather every morning, etc.

A few notes:

  • No web browser, unlikely one will ever come
  • Sony seems to have abandoned most (if not all) support for the product. The forum is a ghost town
  • Not customizable/hackable like the Chumby, you’re stuck with the Sony firmware
  • Rumor is version 2 will be released soon, possibly why these are so cheap

But anyway, if you want a great alarm clock with an outstanding quality screen and a couple useful apps, this is perfect.

This “glorified alarm clock” ROCKS! I love mine, and the friend I gifted one to loves hers as well.

And no battery.

I picked one up last time it was on woot. Kind of cool, but I really wish it had a battery backup of some sort.

Can it handle google calendar?

I’d like to have GC up on my desk at all times, if it can do it.

i see the demo unit is running the heralded “sleeping red foxes” application. #1 on the sony dash marketplace, and the only app i have loaded on mine.

Got this in last woot. Apps are good, but not great.

Will play youtube, netflix, pandora, shoutcast, etc. Couple of cool apps you can check on their website before purchasing. Touchscreen is ok (not like an android device or an ipad).

For me it makes a really cool alarm clock that plays music and baby monitor.

I do not regret buying this product, but dont go ahead expecting too much for 70 bucks.

I bought one of these refurbished from Woot a while back.

You can’t web browse on them, but youtube and Netflix look very nice. I actually mounted mine to an exercise bike so I can watch Netflix at the same time.

baby monitor? please elaborate

Some Chumby vs Dash info…

The Chumby vs Dash debate is overblown IMO because I have always seen them as two two totally different products aimed at different markets that just share a similar interfeace. The chumby is a fun ‘geek’ product that is hackable and the developers encourage tinkering with it.

The Dash is more closed source and has a smaller collection of compatible apps but it has a MUCH nicer widescreen and has a Snooze button. It is marketed as more of a alarm clock on steroids, where the Chumby designers hate the word alarm clock used with chumby. Dash is MUCH better streaming video and music and has Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other providers which us DRM that the Chumby doesn’t have.

Dash vs Tablet Summary:

There is an argument both devices have been aged by the onslaught of cheap Android devices available these days, but I still argue the Dash’s screen, loud speakers, rubberized edge design (allowing me to easily prop my Dash up on my bathroom sink for a nice relaxing bath last week) make it better than most $70 android tablets If for watching video.

What your Dash expectations should be:

You will like the Dash if you want a dedicated Alarm Clock to leave at your bedside which can stream video and play internet radio, view basic weather info, act as a photo slideshow and a few other useful apps. It is NOT a tablet replacement.

You will find only a dozen or so apps useful (Weather, Picassa Web Albulm viewer, Chumby Spy (rotating webcams around the world) are some of my favorites. Those expecting a plethora of quality apps will be disappointing.

Be patient when selecting buttons, it is not the fastest OS, but its not intolerable either. The screen likes fingers, not fingernails or just fingertips. Don’t try to scroll up and down, use the side scrollbar arrows instead when needed.

At this price the Dash is worth it and would have been a huge hit IMO. At its original retail price it would provide lots of disappointment.