Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

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Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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my hopes are dashed

Really? You can get these refurbished from Sony for $30…

I need a Dyson DC28 upright or a Sony soundbar

Awwwww…The fox in that picture is adorable!

Not buying this now that Crackle is broken. Nobody answers my questions in the dash forum either.


im starting to think that these old first gen tablets aren’t in any sort of high demand. Hmm.

but… woot just had these… on a normal day… for the same price…


Uh… No you can’t.

I paid $200 for this fricken thing in the store. I like the woot price much better. Honestly, its not worth $200 and is questionable at $70

I’m munching on a yummy pizza right now…

got mine about a month ago…still lovin it. it makes quite the awesome alarm clock. wakes me up to a great pandora song every morning!

But … I just got a Chumby for $50 … why are you tempting me with this one now?

I bought one of these a while back! How do you get it to play movies on netfix?

this was on just the other day…so maybe the end is near…I still like my Dash. It’s doing just what I bought it for, so I’m satisfied.

So far the woot off has been (to me) just the leftover inventory of normal Woots at the same price even. Yawn. Cmon soot!

Slimmer than a chumby … On second thought just buy an iPod touch