Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

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Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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It just may be the coolest alarm clock you will ever buy!

I love my dash, i watch netflix on it all the time

I’ve been waiting for something I can view the internet with… yipeeeee!

I also watch a lot of video on demand from amazon prime

Here we go again, one of several past woots, nearly 200 comments last time–August 14:

Edit: By the way, $10 cheaper this time at $59.99.

Oh, and if you want the equivalent Lincoln-Douglas debate on this, look at sdc100 and theguruguys comments (unless they want to rehash them again).

This was in a woot-off awhile back for $79.99

Is that subtle nod to “They Live” on the screen of the internet viewer with the ‘lies’ on the t.v. screen?

It’s ok Woot… I forgive you!

A web browser was finally added, but it is slow, just as you’d expect. They also released 2 new dashes, one has a battery and comes in 3 colors and the other one costs less than this one did at release but omits the microphone, which there isn’t actually a way to use at all on this one… the site mysteriously says “the microphone is intended for future use.” As for the new dashes, I don’t think that they actually have faster processors or anything.

See the cord in the picture there? This does not work on battery charge, must be hooked into a power adapter to function. A huge drawback IMO.

I have one from a while back and I have yet to browse the web with it. What do I need to download to get this working?

Maybe if it was a Chumby.

Can I charge my iPhone via the USB port?

I like my dash a lot. If you connect it to a good stereo or premium computer speakers it makes for a great way to listen to Pandora.

in for one. could use a new bedside alarm.

Tested review video of the Chumby v. Dash


As they say, they are “More than Just Alarm Clocks”

Both use the same software. Chumby is soft and friendly… Dash is hard and utilitarian.

hmm - that’s new!

As the tablet market moves forward, I anticipate winding up with enough “task devices” that I don’t need to buy one that’s already obsolete.