Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

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Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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WHERE do these keep coming from?!?!?

Another cool version

I have purchased 3 Dash’ on this site, they all have worked flawlessly, and still do! :slight_smile:

Love the dash for organizing the life.

Will this work with my USRobotics HST 9600?

A witty comment.


I bought one of these a year ago. It is the BEST alarm clock I’ve ever had. As long as you have a good wireless connection, you’ll be good. Don’t hesitate to take a chance on this one!

I own the Dash. I keep it in the Kitchen. I love it. It really does make an awesome Alarm Clock. The video quality is pretty good, too.


Bought 2. Pretty much a glorified alarm clock. You can’t actually browse anything. You use their “apps” - quite a few but mostly useless. For instance, it’ll flash the latest post on Facebook, then go to weather, then scrolling New York Times etc. The coolest one is webcams (I have Duval St in Key West). You can stream Netflix movies though. I’ve watched a few while my wife was watching the TV.

Will this work with my Mac?

will it run Ice Cream Sandwich?

can you download and read ebooks with sony dash? it looks like it’s backlit

I bought one to keep on my nightstand a while ago, but moved it down to the kitchen to play Pandora and Netflix while I’m stuck in the kitchen doing chores. I love that little thing. I had to buy another one so I could keep one in the kitchen and one on my nightstand.

$99.99 refurbished at Sony

Apps available are listed here I believe:

New for 1/2 price, not bad!

I use mine every day. The only thing I don’t like is that there does not seem to be a way to get back to the streaming music without stopping the music player and essentially “starting over”. It workeed with Netflix when I had Netflix.

Wow. The Dash has quickly become a Woot! staple… I haven’t seen a Sansa for ages but these have popped up seemingly a dozen times in the past couple months.

I bought one months ago for my office and my coworker liked it so much, she said she also wanted one, mostly for the internet radio since our regular radio only picks up one crappy country station (and I like country music, this station is just not good). I just picked her up one. She has been looking at local stores and they are just priced too high. I think it’s a neat little gadget. Serves the purpose.