Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

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Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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More polished than the earlier Chumbies, but I like the Chumby 8 better - bigger screen, for one thing.

Cool as a high-tech alarm clock. worthless for anything else.

does play netflix but often has issues with lag

This woot off seems to be dashing through


Do you know if these deals will be posted over the next few days? Im new to Woot and I’m afraid to go to sleep, I don’t want to miss anything… :slight_smile:

I bought this awhile back on Woot. I don’t have the time to experiment with this perpetually wired device to find out what would actually work in some way that would benefit me. However, I did get it to stream Netflix horror movies during the Halloween party, which was cute.

I think almost anything it does can be done much better by virtually anything else. Oh, well.

up at the top there is a button that says “Community” click on that and you can see what has been sold in the past… woot off items are only good while they last… usually woot only offers one item a day… hope this helps


I know this has been on woot more then anything else and DSC100 would probably rather buy velocity micro Cruz 103, and I think he is right.
That being said, if you love to stream movies and TV shows, remember, other than the Kindle Fire, this is the only gadget that will stream all four major streaming chanels , Netflix, Hulu +, Amazon VOD, and Youtube. And it will probably be like that forever, knowing how Amazon has become another greedy corporation like the Apple.

Got one.