Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition

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Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sony PRS600BC Digital eReader Touch Edition - Red

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$125 for a Sony Refurb? Meh, I’d just as soon get a new Kindle for $140.

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Just got a Kindle… otherwise I’d be on this like spots on dalmatians.

Time to make a drink, we could be here awhile waiting on this to go away!

Use the for something other than reading “Teh Sorceress”.

(sarcasm) the amazon folks better not see woot selling this

Man, for a second there i thought this was an etch-a-sketch.

Plain awful device. The touch screen makes the screen horribly blurry. Sony readers themselves are compelling, though prone to losing all metadata (author name, book name, collection name, etc) if added to too often, but this device itself is awful truly one of the WORST e-reader e-ink models ever made.

I have the Sony pocket reader and I love it. This is a more expensive model, and Woot is now selling it refurbed for $80 less than the price I paid for mine.

It has a larger screen and many more features (see the item page).

E Ink technology makes for a much more pleasant experience than the older eReaders gave (I used to use an RCA Reb 1100). However, be aware that the ink is gray, and the background is off-white, so you won’t see the contrast you’re used to in a newly printed book.

Still, this reader can’t be beat for convenience, and it’s one of the top-rated models on the market today (new ones are coming out all the time).

Or not.

Have one of these. My first ebook reader. Not too shabby - I’m glad I got it. Paid $160 new, not refurbed (used credit card points, so did not actually cost that much $$$)

The touchscreen Sonys (ie, this model) have an incredible amount of glare compared to non touchscreen models. I had one of these, and took it back and got a nook instead. The glare on the screen took away the main benefit of the eink display, it just didn’t look like I was reading paper on it.

Just got one for my wife last week (for only $95 from Sony too). It’s not a “Plain awful device”. Or “the WORST e-reader e-ink models ever made.” In fact it’s pretty nice. Yes, the touchscreen adds some glare compared to a Kindle, but it’s really not too hard to shift the tiny eReader a few degrees to get rid of the glare.
The fact that you can rent books from your local library is a major plus.

The 3 who scored this ebook should be pretty happy when they get it.

BTW this was $95 at sony style this week.

Please tell me where? Thanks!