Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition

The end is nigh

And it continuessssss

hahah it was a fake-out


What is going on here!?!?!

I just want my delicious Basket of Coleslaw…


fake out x 2

Looks like a high dollar etch-a-sketch…wait that was the other day, right?

HAHA! You all can’t go to sleep. The Woot Off isn’t over!

Oh for the love of Pete!

it was a trick! Woot off lives on!

lol at first glance I thought this looked like an etch a sketch

Maaaaaan, screw that. I wanted my screaming monkey. Kindle’s better anyway.

Comcast cable internet does not play nice with woot offs.

Buy a Nook. Nuff said.

How’s the contrast on this thing? The pictures make it look very dull.


Highly recomend this…got one for my dad last year. His eye sight is going so the ability to zoom the text lets him still read books.

looks like an etch-a-sketch

I await the Brisket of Chihuahua