Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition

Finally! A use for all of the eReader covers in the recent Bags of Coals!

EDIT: As NightGhost pointed out… the covers from the BOC’s that I have seen are for the Pocket Edition, not for this. Thanks NightGhost!

Alatest average is 94/100. That’s really good.,374/

Did anyone else think that they were selling Etch-A-Sketch’s?

Can you download Amazon Kindle books onto this thing?

What’s black and white and “red” all over?
5 points for the best answer not involving a nun.

I am seriously bummed about this! I just paid $150 + $15 for a case on one of these for Christmas. Wow, if only I had waited a week…

Nonetheless, my mom seems to enjoy it. The screen seems to have “glitches” at times (where it’ll flash black/white for 1-2 seconds), but it functions fairly well overall. Can’t say the same about Sony’s book marketplace, however.

Where was this great deal when i was looking for a good e-reader before Christmas Would have loved to buy one or two than…

To think that only a year ago I spent $200 for a cheaper edition (Pocket Reader).

Does this have backlighting? I like to read in bed with the lights out.

I have one of these, it pretty easy to use, although page turning can be a bit annoying, since it is done more frequently than when reading an actual book.
A great source for free books for your ereader is
It has many classics, short story collections, etc.

I guess the color makes a difference, Amazon has 4 stars for the red one and 3 1/2 stars for the black one.

No. You can use a booklight though. You can even buy a cover with a built-in booklight.

If a backlight is crucial to you, you want the PRS-700. You’ll have to open your wallet quite a bit more, though.

Books? I bet you wear your sunglasses at night too. :smiley:

froogle search

Searched items above $50 price low to high.
Lowest seems to be $150.

Calibre is the way to go with this.

I did.

Can they be used as an Etch-a-Sketch??

No, which is a bit of a hassle if you have that reader already. There are some programs out there that can do the conversion, whether they are “legal” in copyright sense of the word is up for debate.

Take note: These are the un-refreshed models.
I really think that this is a pretty good deal, as it’s a pretty good, open ereader. An SD card slot, on a Sony device? Blasphemy.

Anyways, the main thing to know is that these tend to get super reflective. Since Sony used another layer for the touch, the screen gets more glare and is also less detailed than say, an Amazon Kindle v3. The new units solve this by an infared layer rather than a physical touchscreen.

Also, since they are older, they use the older VixPlex e-ink which is slower.

With all that said, for $99 you’re getting probably the most open ereader out there, with decent note-taking on books, and a moderately accurate touch screen(which helps out when highlighting a bunch of words or looking up specific ones-it was quicker compared to the Kindle’s buttons).

Lastly, you have to use Calibre with this because Sony’s software, while improved from the initial release, is still very buggy and slow.

Edit: Adding to the Kindle-comparisons, this does not have Wifi or 3G, but openness helps as the kindle can only read Amazon’s special format. PDFs work well here, as well as Epubs which are the default format for most free publishing.