Sony Digital eReader Touch Edition

I’ll stick with kindle.

I’ll stick with my Nook and Galaxy Tab.

I’ll second that :0)

Good evening, Wooters!

I’ll stick with my back of a shovel and charcoal thank you.

Agreed, Kindle is thinner, lighter, and honestly nicer of a store/experience.

I have one. Make sure to use Calibre instead of Sony’s software if you buy it. I’m happy with mine, but keep in mind that this model has a screen that reflects light/isnt that high contrast due to the way they implemented the touch screen. You might have to tilt it a bit sometimes, but it generally works fine.

I’ll stick with my Nook or Nook Color

20x better, the ability to get in store support and the fact that they have… i dunno… actual books being Nook is by Barnes and Noble a BOOK STORE and not just some electronics store. So my selection of titles is way better.

This sony is great… to give as a gift, if its for you personally, invest in a better product like the Nook you wont regret it at all.

I bought this here less than 2 weeks ago for $10 more :frowning:

Can you get hooked on phonics on one of these?

I’ll stick with my library card and physical books.

for this price it is a great product, good quality + touch screen + supports open formats

I have a nook and a kindle. They are both fine, but the nook has terrible battery life for an avid reader such as myself. Don’t know much about the Sony, other than the not-so-good reviews they get.

I got a cover for one of these in my last bag of you know what that I’ll probably never use. If someone wants it, let me know.