Sony Digital Living System with Blu-Ray, DVR and Core 2 Duo

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Sony Digital Living System with Blu-Ray, DVR and Core 2 Duo, for $999.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Sony VGXXL3 Blu-Ray Intel E6400 2.13GHz 500GB 2GB DDR2 Vista Home Gigabit Ethernet

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This would have been a good deal right when blu ray came out, now the parts in it aren’t worth the price.

Woot and Sellout woot are having some trouble. However, 0 woots so far on the blu ray. Wonder why. Couldn’t have anything to do with the price tag could it? No way.

Dude, a grand for some re furb? Plus, it’s a Sony Product? No way - Stay away!

wow way over priced for this. at least i would not put down a grand on this. cheaper options out there for a media center pc. dont think its woot fault. sony pcs are always over priced pos.

would never spend a grand on this even if it was new… you can buy a blue ray drive for your pc for under 300 if you look carefully.

These devices will have wifi connectivity in a few months why would i buy this…Oh wait am I allowed to say that…

I think since I got the oppo DVD player last night (thanks woot) I will have to pass on this and the extra $900 I would have to spend to pick this up instead, oh yeah and its Refurb ?

What does this get you that you can’t do with a PS3?

Virginia is for Sony Digital Living System and lovers!

Everything since it’s a computer. Oh, and games.

Wow! It’s amazing!

0% have bought 2, and 0% have bought 3

If you are thinking about buying 2 or 3…I am single and available. You can be my sugar daddy!

Kidding - I don’t need contact from some psychopath. :slight_smile:

But quite expensive tonight.

A PS3 is TONS cheaper than this crap.

What happened to the cheap deals? Us poor folks miss them!

WOW! that’s a pricey piece of woot swag.

UH, you can install Linux on PS3. Try again.

This is a regular PC in a shiny case. Therefore, you get the complete (and in my opinion, superb) DVR functions of Windows Media Center. You can also burn Blu-ray discs.

Anyone know how many concurrent channels the tuner supports? If it’s only one, this is a waste of time.

Honestly, you’re probably better picking up a PC from HP, Dell, or the likes - at half the cost.

My experience with Sony computer warranty services has been, what shall I say, you do not even want to go there.

Don’t let the bug eyed, no sleep wooters think they can now find a date on Woot.