Sony Digital Living System with Blu-Ray, DVR and Core 2 Duo

They don’t deliver to NJ either… have no idea why, all the rest of the garbage gets delivered here.



there suddenly is a new one day ebay auction for this item for 1000.00!

hope who ever you are fails miserably lol

… They are tied with Dallas after their last superbowl win.

omg enough of the ghey football stuff… lets see some more girls

That’s because of his unmatched imagination…I was there, I saw his beginnings…

Guiness World Record for the most banjo playing at one time…

There are at least three.

Everybody has to pull for somebody.

Sorry you chose to pull for the losers.

someone just gave her some glowing balls

Future Proctologist to the stars

Must walk away before I spend rent…it’s sexy!

Die Hard Steelers fan born in Pittsburgh but stuck in Central Texas…

I would rather be paid to woot not work!! Buy em up yall!!

Hmm…what do you know…the Cowboys have the same amount of Super Bowl trophies…GO COWBOYS!

Dude! I want one of these. Too bad I’m poor…

well … lets see … there is a breeze, blowing on her in a certain spot. Do I need to go into more detail? LOL.

What ain’t no country I ever heard of. They speak English in What?

Seriously, best movie ever.

Not a bad attempt.


To trust the woot Gods
to filter me correctly
requires the most faith.
Will they bring me epic f ail?
or heaping B.O.C.?

Yeah but this large family will kick your ass anyday!