Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition

Is this the Sony Reader edition that features a touch screen?

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If only I read books, this would be great.

Heard a rumor that eBooks can be downloaded for free from most large city library systems? Anyone?

You’ll need to run the Sony Reader program as an administrator in Vista and Windows 7, otherwise the program will run but the window won’t actually show up.

Sorry, no. That’s the Sony Reader Touch Edition. This is more like a Kindle.

Amazon link with reviews

Sony link with reviews

Saving about $40 with refurb.


It’s not a touchscreen, no. But it’s a good reader, I like mine. I paid $150 at Fry’s.

A couple of things nicer than a Kindle-- metal frame and one-hand operation. But it’s just USB.

No, it uses the thin buttons along the right edge and the D-pad on the bottom to navigate the menus.

Two of the colors are wrong (per Sony’s website):

Red is actually Rose
Black is actually Navy Blue

Holy crap, I didn’t think I’d be the first sucker. I was looking at one of these before Mother’s day ($150 directly from sony store) and decided that it wasn’t quite worth that much. For the woot price? Yeah I think it’s a good deal.

It was either one of these or risk loss of limb while trying to “borrow” the wife’s kindle.

Here are some reviews. They look good from what I’ve seen.

I paid $200 for this not long ago at all. It’s not fancy - no touch screen or connectivity. However, the contrast is excellent, and it doesn’t suffer from the glare issue that the larger model has. I also like the smaller 5 inch screen, since this model fits easily into a cargo pants pocket or jacket pocket.

The battery lasts a long time, and recharges quickly too.

I recommend Calibre over the included software to manage this.

A non-biased reviewer website pits the Kindle and this Sony reader in a fight to the death.


Yes, I believe the NY library have that feature… I thought I read somewhere there’s a fee, but can’t seem to find it… so check with your library for details.

I got this reader new for a little less from staples with a PM, + 3 coupons. Good reader.