Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition

would have been nice…to get this for fathers day :\

Man, these things are getting cheap.

Great e-reader, and can use a PSP charger to boot.

Nice unit - I purchased this eReader at Woot last month.

I have the analog version of this


does it work with your Mac?

Great reviews on Google Shopping but about $40 less here!

Analog = paperback for you

Could have gotten a sweet deal if I waited a month, but I’ve enjoyed a dozen or so books since I bought my Reader in May.

Nice that you can check ebooks out of the library so you don’t have to spend unless you want to.

Absolutely, analog books never fails like digital books do.

I love my Sony Reader, However, the software for it is Junk. Calibre Has been a good replacement so far, at least you can edit metadata in it.

Unless it falls into the tub.