Sony DVD Recorder with 1080i Upscaling and HDMI Out

OMG 1080i without blu ray

sceond psot!

Ahhh…A Jim Caroll reference-The DVD Diaries!

This looks familiar,…

Bad reviews over at cnet

Will this play my HD-DVDs?

again, the best thing about woot offs- THE FAT CAT PICTURES!!!

No work tomorrow…might be here awhile.

methinks it’s safe to go to bed.

Just when I was going to bed, a woot-off. Damn.

The Woot off frankenstein is alive!
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring!!

And the pussy jokes that go along with the fat cat photos…

Check it out on Amazon for $100 off! 2.5 stars w/ 3 reviews…

Charter member #199 here. I just have to go on record saying this is the best woot description ever.

Why did I buy one?

DVD RECORDER? Does it actually PLAY them?

for $50 I’ll gamble. It may work fine or it may be completely flarped out of the box. We shall see. In for one.

Oops. I did not notice that it does not have a TV-tuner and it only goes to 1080i not 1080p. You should be seeing this for sale on my eBay account soon.