Sony Effio-E CCD Outdoor Security Camera

**Item: **Sony Effio-E CCD Outdoor Security Camera
Price: $88.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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5/30/2013 - $89.00 (Woot Plus)

Rude. You are spying on me. but you don’t even pay up with crap

Broken URL!

No BOC to see here. No, seriously…

Woot, dear, if you tell us you won’t have any more you-know-whats for a few hours we can all uncross our eyes and get some sleep.

Gee that camcorder went fast. I guess I won’t get it. Maybe the Barbie camera is still available. lol

no bag of crap eh?
that’s a break for me.

Wonder if the bags are done for the night.

Do you have to pay the $5 shipping fee with each item you order during a woot off ? :frowning:

Time to take that wonder to the bedroom.

Cool that was an easy BOC!!!

(It’s posted in disappearing ink.)

No cable & no power supply no sale, I would need the audio cable

Yup… which is why w00t has lost several orders I was thinking of since I got my BoC

Correction: Its $5 per order. So whatever ever you have in your cart at each order.

There I fixed it for you !

WOW!! You would think during a “WOOT-OFF” they would suspend the per order BS. Guess its time to put Amazon back in my Favs list. WTF…Woot?

Man, I was really looking into that last camera for my trip next week. I just wanted to check the comments to make sure no one had anything horrible to say about past history on it and it was gone, I had to go through too much talk about missed crap. Ironically, I’m adding my same woes about something non-mythical but the same issue: missed crap. =/

Someone needs to start buying this so we can move onto the next box of contraceptives.

Agreed… Won’t be purchasing anything during a woot-off unless the deal pays for the shipping and is still an amazing discount or the precious BoC