Sony Electronics

headphones with shipping are new for less than a dollar more if you are a prime member:

While the receiver states it works with 4K, crutchfield has an explicit warning that not all 4K will work because this is not HDCP 2.2 compliant.

I don’t anticipate getting any 4K content in the next 5 years anyway, but seems a particularly shady marketing practice (as per usual in the US of A).

HHHmmm, choices, choices.

New, on Amazon, with purchase of 2-year Square Trade warranty for $9.96- Total Cost: $198.46
…with existing factory 2-year warranty $188.88

The advantage in the Square Trade warranty is that they will pay for shipping.

Refurbished on Woot with purchasing 1-year Square Trade protection plan for $28.99- Total Cost: $188.95

Doesn’t seem like such a deal…

Does anyone know if the two Optical ports will work with HDMI for BD & SAT? My current receiver will only work with one HDMI and the other is Component.

The price for the black in-ear headphones is $15.48 now =, how convenient that it is $5 more than the price. It’s not like woot charges $5 for shipping or anything <_<