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For the DSC-HX20V:

In short, you could do much worse for a digicam in that price range, and it performed on par with its peers.

Also, I own that iPhone/iPod dock. Great for your iPhone 4S or earlier. Good sound, and lots of volume to wake you up. Best part is it will play whatever app you left paused before docking it.

Sony receiver is rated for 110 volts only, or is it 110/220 dual voltage?

I checked out Sony’s website, I only saw 120v; but here’s the product page.

*Strong buy for everyone,*says this review.

I jumped in on the camera. I liked the price and the reviews were positive. My son is playing football now and I really wanted an upgrade from my wifes’ pink camera (that’s fun for parties but not for football). I love the specs also!

Thanks! I picked this camera up just now. We needed a decent one to take on trips and we also have a teenage daughter that is interested in shooting some video too.

We almost purchased the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H200/BM 20.1MP 26x Optical Zoom Digital Camera for $155 plus the tax we’re charged the past 2 months here. We found it at Target on sale for $199 plus tax. We would rather have new for $50 more after a screwie experience with an HP 90 day warrantee.

You still may want a true DSLR for football shots. Generally focus tracking is better and bursts are faster. Plus the true optical SLR viewfinder is very hard to beat.

I have a compact Sony with pretty much the same specs as the one here and it has performed very well, but not (as usual) for indoor action shots. But a real quality feel and reliable, dependable for my PR shots and still shots incorporated into HD video.

Sony HT-CT60B 2.1CH 60W Sound Bar with Subwoofer
Sorry my knowledge is limited. Any one knows Subwoofer connects through Bluetooth or wireless.

does anyone have sample images/video from Sony DEV-3NB Digital Recording Binoculars?