Sony Electronics

Anyone want to comment on the comfort of the headphones? I had a pair of skull candies with the oblong ear muffs and they were extremely UNcomfortable. And no, I don’t have large ears (they’re actually pretty small).

I used to have a pair but gave them to my wife (smaller ears) because they were uncomfortable. If you want comfort, steel series. They are gaming headphones, but they will sit on your head for hours and never notice that you put them on.

I have about 25 pairs of various Headphones and these are pretty comfortable and have a nice sound. I use tham almost every night to listne to music from my Ipad while I read or even watch Netflix with my wife right next to me. She can’t hear any noise escape. These are well worth the price. Nice video review here

I own one of the Sony sound bars. Does what I need it to. Only downside is that it can only be turned off or on by the remote. Been using it daily for about a year and it’s never failed.

Looks like the Move controller is a few pennies cheaper at the mothership.