Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset

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Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset
Price: $99.99
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Condition: New


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4.6 Stars over at Best Buy

The estimated delivery date is Tuesday, Dec 29. This is listed under “gifts.” I guess it is supposed to be a new year’s gift because it ain’t going to be there for Xmas.

I own these headphones. I like them. I don’t use the extra bass feature, but I’ve tried it. Yep, you get more bass.

I like the battery life. And they’re comfy to wear. I’ve worn them for hours at a time with no issues.

I use them with an iPhone 5 and get good range.

I have the -850, predecessor of this one. And the battery really do last like 20 hours. Well, I didn’t measure it, but I listened to stuff the whole day. My phone ran out of juice before my headphone. :smiley:

One caveat: before you start using it, find two black zipties, and reinforce the sliding hinge right where you see the screw. Flip the headphone over and look at it from the inside. You’ll see one tiny screw on each side, almost flush against the plastic at the sliding mechanism. That little screw is what holds your headphone together. No screw (if you pop the threads), no headphone. I put a black ziptie right at that spot on each side. It doesn’t affect the sliding and it removes stress from the screw even if you have to open the headphones wide (I have a big head).

One of these days I’ll put up a picture.

FUrthermore, this headphone can be used WITHOUT POWER (by using the included cable) as a purely analog headphone.

Worth the price, definitely.