Sony Extra Bass BT Headphones

These look super cool. Does anyone have these? Are they heavy feeling on your head?

I hate being this guy but it’s $78 on Amazon and you get a choice of black, blue or red. It’s got a rating of 4.3/5 there. Here’s a copy of some of the top rated positive review:
30 hours battery
Nice design
NFC pairing (just hold your phone to the NFC sign and it will automatically connect to them every time, even if the headphones are off)
Great bluetooth range (can walk around my apartment and the connection does not suffer anywhere)
They sound really good. Better than my beats headphones.

No cons for me.

Now if you compare them to the XB950’s there are some differences. I believe they both have their pros and cons.

The XB650s have these things over the XB950s:
Better design. These are much smaller and they don’t look like huge earmuffs like the 950’s.
30 hours battery life compared to the 20 hours on the XB950s.
Lighter in weight compared to the XB950s.
These actually tell you the battery level compared to the XB950s which you have to look at confusing light pulses.
Better balanced sound and still has a lot of bass.

The XB950s have these things over the XB650s:
It has an AUX port if you decide not to use bluetooth. The XB650s do not have an AUX port.
It has an “extra bass” button and the XB650s do not.
Sound is a tiny bit louder than the XB650s.

Overall I think the XB650s are better.

Honestly for $10 more I’d go for the xb950bt’s

Don’t get me wrong the 650’s sound great and are much lighter, but the 950s give you a detachable cable to use if the battery dies, a heavier bass (especially with the bass boost button), and better sound.
If there was a greater price difference ~$20-$30 then yeah this would be an awesome score, but when its $76 vs $88…

Why would Woot bother checking with mother?

And both B&H Photo and Beach Photo are also selling it for the same $78. Free shipping (2-Day in B&H’s case) if you don’t have Prime to make it free from Amazon.

I’ve lost track of the number of times Woot’s $5 shipping has killed the deal. It seems they think nobody pays attention. That they’ve clung to the strategy for so long indicates they think it works.

Price Drop!

If you already ordered, you’ll see a refund soon.

I have a pair of what physically seem to be the same phone, but wired.
MDX ZX110NC, which are noise cancelling and use a AAA battery, not a proprietary one made by or for Sony. I noticed one comment about size. Typically, the best sound from a headphone comes from models that are over ear, not on ear. They seal better, which means the tend to isolate from the environment, like a bus or train. Also, the drivers are larger and in the case of headphones larger will mean better. Not all over ear phones are better than all on ear, but from the standpoint of high quality, the usual belief is that larger will give better sound.
I like my noise cancelling Sony phones, which cost less than these by the way. I am not a fan of wireless phones, and that is mostly because I have a lot already invested in wired, and I use a number of headphone amplifiers as well. Only very recently have wireless headphones been found to be of very high quality (great sound), and those are not under $100, and not even close to that price point. So, not having these, but knowing Sony quality, and what is generally available at this price point, I would say most buyers will be satisfied, if they don’t expect to put these to a sound test against larger and more expensive headphones, especially true if they are wired.