Sony h.ear Hi-Res Wireless Speaker

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Sony h.ear Hi-Res Wireless Speaker
Price: $96.99
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Why is a tiny 35mm speaker something to brag about?

Also: Mono? I see nothing about stereo, so it’s a mono speaker, right?

I think there are two drivers, based on pictures, so stereo is possible. It also seems that you can pair two units to act as a stereo pair, for whatever that’s worth.

Maybe this addresses that?

“Purpose-built speaker box- Tailor-made for High-Resolution Audio playback capability, the speaker box features separate chambers for left and right channels, ensuring maximum clarity.”

can I pair with my S5 and S7 phones?

Of course, it’s a Bluetooth speaker, but also has wireless so you can cast to it or use the Sony app as well if you wanted.

Heavier than expected! Feels/sounds like quality. I’ll buy another if it’s offered again.

As another commented, this thing is surprisingly heavy for the size. After installing the Sony “Music Center” app into my smartphone I had no issues connecting it to my WiFi and the speaker then updated it’s firmware. Sounds really good regardless of it’s small size. Seems to have a multitude of connection methods and functions – Pandora connected as though speaker were a Chromecast. One minus, the owner’s manual is tightly folded like a miniature road map and you will need it to access some advanced features.