Sony Headphones to Help Tune Out the World



Headphones or earbuds, what do you prefer?


I have slightly larger than normal ears, so most headphones I’ve tried hurt after more than an hour or two of continuous wearing.

I prefer earbuds because they’re less obtrusive. You can wear them while commuting or walking around, but it’s all personal preference really. That being said, I’m a little hesitant to get “refurbished” earbuds. Does that mean they’ve been in other people’s ears?


I prefer headphone because earbuds keep falling off when I walk around.


Thos PiiQ exhale ones are awesome, i have a pair that i’ve had for 2 years and they sound great and stand up to my abuse, i got them for 3x that price, so dude, definite buy!


Oh man I saw “Sony Headphones” and immediately hoped upon hope that you were going to have some new old stock of Sony Eggo headphones. Those were the best headphones ever, sadly mine have died of old age and I cannot replace them with anything but a) cheap feeling plastic ones or b)Big white “i am a giant turdsandwhich” beats … and I refuse to do either :confused: Had me going though


Refurb earbuds, yuck. These have been in someone else’ ear.


Do you think “Ewww, produce. Someone picked those with their filthy, filthy hands!” at the grocery store, too?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the refurbishment process involves replacing the $0.01 silicone pieces that actually contact your ear :slight_smile:


No, I think: “Ewww, refurbished produce! Someone digested it with their filthy, filthy guts!”