Sony Hi-Fi Music System with USB Input

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Sony Hi-Fi Music System with USB Input
Price: $129.99
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12/25/2013 - $139.99 - 27 comment(s)

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This system bumps! I am really surprised how much sound this produces. Awesome bass yet still amazingly clear unlike other systems I’ve heard where the bass muddles the overall sound. You really can’t turn it all the way up without pissing off your neighbors. I used it for a party and since have been asked to bring it to other parties. Very easy to carry since there is a handle and everything is built in. There are different light modes to choose from to set the appropriate mood too.

Discontinued model. Newer model has Bluetooth, NFC and some other upgraded features… Amazon had the newer model on sale for $198 back in November but is $297 right now.

What is the battery consumption like? I assume this uses D-cells if you want to take it outside?

[MOD: No batteries. AC only.]

It is AC power only.

This is a high tech toaster oven right? That’s what it looks like. It’s nice that it’s got all that cool built-in audio stuff, but I’m more interested in the cooking options. Where’s the specs?!

Just so we’re clear, there’s no internal battery? This must be plugged in to use?

That’s a really long list of specifications, but yet no mention of frequency response, one of the most important audio specs!

Even Sony’s website has MSRP of $250, yet again Woot and Amazon inflating “discount” percentages.

Boom box for the modern age…yet it requires a plug!? Aww, man!!! So much for strollin down the block with this thing blarin on my arm… :frowning:

Pssst…Android took the market lead over 3 years ago. Put more Android based products please. :o)

It has USB input, so that should cover your Android needs. Androids don’t all have a standard dock connector position.

This is also an old model that doesn’t support the current iphone/ipod lightning connectors that have been out 1.5 years.

As somebody posted earlier, the new model, for $297, has NFC and Bluetooth. There you have your Android product, just not discounted at woot.

iPod question: Can I plug my iPod Nano into this? It’s the older, slimmer model (no video capabilities).

Just carry a generator on the other arm…

Yes. This is a real deal-breaker. I guess in the ‘outdoor’ pictures they show it in, there is a nearby outlet. Here’s a link to the user’s manual.

Sing it Capt!! =o)

Uhhhh where’s the bass boost button? :slight_smile:

Nice discount apparently. I would spend my audio dollars on something more refined though.