Sony Hi-Fi Music System with USB Input

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Sony Hi-Fi Music System with USB Input
Price: $129.99
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Check out some Reviews

I own one. Bought it from Sony’s online store. It kicks arse. Sony’s support online and in the phone is terrible though. If you need help on any product it’s a 45 min wait on hold minimum. Great radio though.

When I click the “specs” tab, I am treated to such wonderful information such as “VACS: Yes” and “Demo mode: yes”, whatever the hell those things may or may not mean. I am also informed that while I should expect 420RMS total watts of “audio power output”, the amplifier power consumption is 75 watts. Perhaps this thing should be marketed as “energy crisis solver” or something.

Nowhere do I see anything like THD, or frequency response, or signal-to-noise ratio, or tuner sensitivity

Woot: please learn the difference between “features” and “specs”. It matters. To some of us, anyway.

And I am especially not interested in hearing any crap along the lines of, “golly, we got this stuff from the manufacturer/wholesaler/guy with sunglasses, we don’t have any control over this stuff”.

It’s time you started having some control over this stuff. This is far from the first product I’ve seen here where marketing nonsense has shown up in the “specs” section. Stop letting manufacturers cram their goofy crap down your (and our) throats.

Bravo nertnert!!! I’m a former electronic tech and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments.
This thing could be the deal of the century but how are we to know? People should go to Sony’s website and take a better look at the specs. OOPS! Just went to Sony and saw the same garbage.

Sony makes great electroncss, and crud speakers… But somehow they managed to make speakers that more than double spl by turning blue

I’ve been waiting for this item to come back to Woot. Sony is selling on their website for 199.00 with free shipping. But you still have to pay the sales tax. I have been waiting for the price to get this low for over 2 years now. Even in used condition you can’t get it for this price on Ebay! Thanks Woot!

What, no “peak music power” in the specs? Weasel Words from the Mfgr’s marketing department, folks who never even saw the product!

My favorite hype was on a box that contained a name-brand mini food processor. It proclaimed, “NEVER TOUCH A KNIFE AGAIN!”

Then, on page one of the operating instructions, it says, “Cut food into small pieces and feed into hopper.”

We’re really not much better off today than the 19th Century ads for electric gout remedies and sanitary tapeworm diets.

They think we are all chumps, and most of us are in some areas, as we can’t know everything about everything. Thank goodness for the Woot forums!

Amazon reviews:

Can anyone tell me if this thing has an AC power cord or does it only run on batteries? I will buy this if it plugs in! Thanks.

Batteries? This does NOT take no stinkin batteries, it is AC only (except for remote).

Can’t blame anyone asking the question, with half the product photos taken on a basketball court or park bench, no cord visible.

What?!? No batteries?? How the heck am I supposed to walk around with this on my shoulder with no batteries??

Fail Sony, big fail…

Carry a car battery on the other shoulder? (along with a AC to DC converter.)

What would it take to use as computer speakers?
Reply in crayon please, for those of us who were born b4 indoor plumbing

Something like this.

That is it?, thanks, I even have one or two of those
More concerned about power to speakers, if I run from my computer (office site, new computer) to my 15 year old player…radio w/ cassette and disk… it does not have enough power for quality