Sony Hi-Res Audio Speaker Systems



Has anyone tried these as surrounds? Very little info on their sound.


I didn’t find a whole lot, either. I really like Sony products and I think they produce very decent sound with their speakers and I would love to audition these somewhere. On another note, I’d say these are more likely to be used for smaller front ends than surrounds. I think if you have too large of speakers for your surrounds that you end up “muddying” the bass. That said, I’m sure they’d sound fine in a surround application, depending on how far back your surround speakers are.


Will Not except delivery --realized no warranty or very limited info–may be Chinese knockoff? Dont know dont want to chance it–Great price ,though!


What does your post mean?
The description on woot states:
“Warranty: 1 Year Sony”


At $99 for the big (?) speaker, they have to be a better rear speaker than my old radio shack 2-ways. They don’t go low, but that’s not necessary for rears and the second super-tweeter will help the dispersion.