Sony Laptops

Yay! Finally a laptop with Blu-Ray!

I’ve cried over having lost the chance to purchase the hottest deal on the Acer Aspire S3-391-6423 Ultrabook, 13.3 (, but having talked over with Sony representatives, I’m convinced that this deal is just as good as the Acer one. Of course, the price differential is 200 bucks, but we are talking about i3 versus i5 and 4 gigs of ram vs 6 gigs of ram, not to mention that Sony is a premium brand compared to Acer. Both products were on 35% discounts and so I feel fairly happy about this purchase, though still find it a bit pricey for laptops these days.

Woot left this rather important little nugget out:
“Average Battery Life (in hours) 2 hours”

I’m in for 1. Hopefully this is a happy medium between portability and functionality. But I can’t find a thing about upgrading the hard drive capacity. I can’t see myself sticking with an 128gb SSD. I figure I’ll eventually want an 256gb one at minimum.