Sony MDR-EX110AP In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Sony MDR-EX110AP In-Ear Monitor Headphones

What’s with the bait and switch here? The image on the front page shows a bluetooth neckband-style headset, which isn’t included in the deal. I’ve been eyeing one of Sony’s neckband headsets, and absolutely would have bought one.

I know Woot Staff are in here, seeing comments, because they reply elsewhere regularly.

What gives, Woot? The promo image clearly shows a neckband-style headset, and your deal just as clearly doesn’t include a product like what’s shown.

Oh, they can’t be everywhere. Sometimes the splashy promo pictures don’t quite match the individual items because of using stock photos. I notice too, that it only shows shows 1 pair of headphones whereas 2 different pairs are for sale. Stuff happens sometimes.

Sorry about the missing items. Sometimes things drop out at the last minute and we don’t have time to redo the splash image.

And that doesn’t meet the definition of bait-n-switch.

Thanks for the clarification, ThunderThighs. Bait and switch was probably too strong of language.

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