Sony Multimedia and Gaming Computer Speaker System

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What? I can’t hear you! The quality posts are too loud:

If only they were refurbished ;-(

another haiku:

Midnight is too late
1 am Eastern for me
Good thing for alarms.

Seems kinda expensive … and Sony quality ain’t what it used to be…

I heard Bose is the bestest.

Why they have to have the good sound system (which I need) when I’m broke???

120 on froogle…nice price.

would have rather had the monster ones!

exceptional sound quality on these babys!!

I’m sticking with my Klipschsessss, how do you plural that anyways?


I like sony. Good stuff, good buy

What games does it play. PS2?


Froogle’s got 'em from $130-250.

Great woot - though I do wish it were another hard drive. Stil, nicely done.

Sony Multimedia and Gaming Computer Speaker System

  • $5 shipping

Very cool – is this a good price? I think I need this one.

Cheap, but too weak for my liking.

That’s a lot of little speakers.