Sony NetMD Minidisc Player/Recorder


[imgleft][/imgleft] Saturday, October 22, 2005


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in retrospect to highlighting these quality posts, you may might just read the whole thread today… decent posts are 1 every 5 or so. there are some interesting viewpoints on these.

browns99df has one, regrets getting it, and suggests that they are mainly for recording. writes a quality (or at least lengthy)post/review
niafalls74 lists some reasons he doesn’t like his
DekonReign concludes “F^@#&! the Naysayers…MD for life!!”
awgPablo warns that these may only record through USB port
mbuchman shares some interesting fun facts about MD
jptechnical thinks these were designed by Satan.
econdry points out that the NetMD standard is actually only a couple years old.
huladog55 broadcasts on his experience using these for safe storage, warns about copyright projection.
kawaiiguy adds his analysis eloquently
roba5263 makes a nice first post explaining MD players are NOT old news


WOOT-A-DOODLE-DO! ™ - Wake up!! It’s time for the next woot!

Sony NetMD Minidisc Player/Recorder $39.99 + $5 shipping

Best Froogle price - $45 + $10 Shipping

Here’s a review - REVIEW LINK – It has reviews and product description.

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nice woot too bad it’s a refurb


WOOToying™ - What peteromans11 is every day.

Also this is a nice woot methinks!


I love the 90’s. Too bad its refurb.


cool…does it scan business cards?

or play 8 tracks?


Mini discs still exist?

Please delete the petey spam!


Already got one of these suckers.


Great little item! I might get on of these!


Another useless item for you to buy and sell paul, i love you


This is one of the worst woots I’ve seen in a while. Wooters want a boc. I’m going to have to quit staying up till 1AM for this if you don’t give us something worthwhile. Post something worth me buying.


time tunnel item


Aren’t those MP3 sticks now w/ digital recording/voice-playback cheap?


I love my mini disc player…the software for it is pretty nice too…for $40 I would buy this…


interesting may need to get one…whew those are some big headphones

“Can you hear me now?” I think I hear Carl Sagan’s Voyager record ( “Murmurs of Earth”).
Response, “Hello from the children of planet earth.” Ha! Well at least its not a phonograph.


nice, if it were 5 years earlier, I would have snagged it :wink: good night peeps.


I stayed up late for this?

My friend has one of these… he got it in 1993 though.

Actually I stayed up late because of this.



Certainly no worse than the Rio MP3 players that were being unloaded recently.


i have a minidisc player, and honestly, i regret getting it. UNLESS you are SURE you will be recording many things

(its very good for if you have a band or something)

oh and you gotta buy a mic. i got one that cost $100 and its very very good.

its amazing how clear the quality of recording is on these things.

let me repeat for all of you that dont know about these things- - THEY ARE MAINLY FOR RECORDING , if you want to play music, get an mp3 player