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Sony NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System
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Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Any thoughts of using one of these in the bathroom? Love the idea of having music while I’m taking a shower, and doing my morning routine, but will the humidity affect it?

Why would the specs say:
Battery Type: Four LR6 (AA-type) Rechargeable Battery

If it doesn’t CHARGE the batteries while plugged into AC?

I have one of these that I’m extremely happy with. If I had need, I’d buy another at this price.

As for the batteries, none are included, it takes 4 AA. I’ve not tried to charge via the wall adapter. The battery life for mine has been great, I’ve a set of low-discharge Tenergy and another amazon branded and each has lasted several hours before I’ve pulled them to refresh (they’re shared with other devices).
pairing is simple and easy. I’ve paired with my Kindle Fire, Nexus 2(gen2), moto atrix hd seamlessly.

I’d consider the sound similar to a quality boombox from years past, as opposed to other speakers which are empty sounding and the volume requires to be loud.

I can’t speak of the humidity issue in the bathroom, but i’d expect if you placed a bit away from the shower on a shelf it’d survive plenty of time, there. I’d trust it as much as any speaker not marketed for damp environment. Though I’d say volume is definitely up to the task, as it keeps its clarity well. I base this on a few different docks I’ve used over the years, including one branded “tabeo” for a kids’ tablet that has OK sound but distorts at upper volumes and is fairly dead sounding in comparison to this Sony.

I paid $50 @ target last year sometime.

That’s a good question. I bought a TDK A33 Bluetooth speaker for use in my bathroom and it’s shown no signs of trouble in over a year’s regular use. The TDK is “water resistant” to splashes and has rubberized covers over the connectors, which I don’t think this Sony model has. Of course, the TDK is also a lot more expensive than this, but if I didn’t own it already I’d jump on this Sony just because the price is right and it runs on AAs instead of a proprietary rechargeable pack.

Cute purse! :tongue:

We removed the reference to rechargeable batteries - although you can use them if you want. Batteries are not included.

I had planned to get one of these for outdoor use, but no fewer than three of the Target reviews state it is not loud enough. I did some quick looking at alternatives and the JBL for just $10 more has multiple reviews saying how loud it is. For anyone like me seeking an outdoor speaker, there look to be better choices than the Sony.