Sony Noise-Canceling Wired Headphones

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Sony Noise-Canceling Wired Headphones
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Is it Bluetooth?

These are wired headphones, so no.

Amazon has them at $248, with decent reviews there (

I see no amplification on these. The 100dB/mW rating changes to 101dB/mW when powered up, which is barely decipherable to the human ear. No substantial amplification there.

The reason I like Able Planet noise cancelling hp’s is that when kicked in/turned on/powered up they amplify as well, by a factor of 3. They not only do the magic noise cancellation thing, but they also triple the amplitude/volume of your music, allowing for seriously higher signal to noise ratio than in passive, unpowered mode. With the overall noise level on a flying plane, that total level of noise also needs to be overcome, not just noise cancelled at engine-droning frequencies.

I tried out 5 different brands - including Bose - on plane rides before landing on the only one I could find that amplifies as well. Luckily, the sound that gets amplified also arrives pure and sweet to my ears.

That gets you far above the ambient sound of the entire plane - including the loud talking of fellow passengers along with the plane engine’s droning - to where you can readily hear all the delicacies of the sound, not just lower the noise floor.

But to buy new, they are more expensive than these.

I’ve had many different brands and from $30 to $250 ones and never had a loudness problem with anyone of them, there are for Android apps that are DAC’s that actually work and have Pro Audio reviews, that will increase the volume and allow sample rates from 44khz to 196khz sample rates. These have had great reviews from all over. Just get them…

Here’s another review:

This guy writes for TheWirecutter, who’s reviews I find to be really good.

Just got these in. The sound’s pretty good and did a decent enough job filtering out the vacuum cleaner, but be aware that Sony used a recessed headphone jack, so don’t lose the included cable or you might have trouble using them. I’ve tried the 3 other cables I had and none of them fit into the hole far enough to seed.