Sony NW-S703 1GB MP3 Player with Noise Cancelling Headphones

At least it’s not pink. Smurfalishous

crap…bring back the wrist communicators, i want soooo bad!

At least it’s not pink

was this the same price when they had it last week?

alright… that’s it. I’m off to bed. no bags of crap and I’ve stayed up four hours past when I said I would.

Its not pink”


this is like telling a little kid you’re taking him to disney world and you instead take him to the dentist

but it is waterproof!!.. well it looks like it… you must assume… and buy and try it out

1GB, 2GB, 4GB… wtf?

If I didn’t already have a Dell DJ, I’d totally go for this. Sony makes good headphones, so it’s even worth it just for those.

is it tomorrow yet?

There now everyone who was complaining about the last one of these being “pink” has to buy 3 since its blue.

Im guessing I wont see BoC tonight - I am going to bed. Night ya’ll!

Not Pink…

At least it’s not pink.

got the six yesterday…


Hmmm - $5 cheaper than a couple of weeks ago - should a waited… Nice unit!

Craptacular again…bring on the box o cheeseburgers

youve got to be joking.

look at my myspace if you are a female :slight_smile:

I sure am happy that there are more mp3 players! These are so cool. I bought three, you should too!