Sony PlayStation 3 - 160 or 320 GB (Refurbished)

Interesting these are still being sold actively. I guess if you need a bluray player then why not?

I still have mine for that purpose, as well as hulu/Amazon Prime video.

Would you know if these will play PS1 games? That’s why I’d get one. The new PS4 won’t play the old games. :frowning:

It says 2 USB ports so that means it’s the PS3 slim.

Any Ps3 will play most (if not all) Ps1 games. When the Slim model came out, Ps2 backwards compatibility was removed.


I don’t have any PS2 games, just dozens of PS1 (QQ)>

these models are easy af to sw hack as well. so i’m sure some people go for that in order to play ps1, ps2, ps3 etc roms on them.