Sony PlayStation 3 - 60GB (Scratch & Dent)

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Sony PlayStation 3 - 60GB (Scratch & Dent)
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Condition: Scratch & Dent


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Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I’m betting those reviews are not for a “scratch and dent version” of a 9 year old product :frowning:

For reference, this PS3 is a launch one (or should be based on HDD) and can play PS2 games as well

I think I’d be more interested in this if it weren’t for the fact that my local craigstlist has bundles for sale all the time and that includes a controller and games…

Damn, I have a fat PS3 that is backwards compatible with PS2 and has an upgraded 400 GB drive, controllers, movement sensors, camera, chargers, the works. I’d be happy to get $99 for it too!

This is the only PS3 with hardware PS2 compatibility. It also has 4 USB ports, current models have two. It’s a great console, but be wary of its age. Many of the older ones have really loud fans, which may not be an issue depending upon where you have it located.

A more serious problem is with solder losing connections. I’ve had to disassemble ours a few times and hit a few areas with a heat gun to reflow the solder under the CPUs and GPUs. This isn’t a guaranteed fix, but it’s worked for me after encountering the ‘blue light of death’ symptoms.

In many ways, this is the best PS3 made, but buyers need to be aware of potential issues due to its age.

wow a launch one?!?! this is a must buy for me I always wanted a launch one

How is this even a deal? This system had massive issues with overheating.

May I know what is the firmware version on this? If it is pre 3.55, I am in for 3.

This is unfortunately true.
These units require re-flowing, or better still an expensive process to replace the poor quality solder. (they aren’t allowed to use lead based solder).

This means the heat from the machine literally melts the microscopic GPU and CPU points until the bios won’t allow it to post.

I was at fix number 4 (5 if you include a new laser lens) before buying our PS4.
I kept the PS3 going actually until they finally released the media player on the PS4, and that was unfortunately the PS3’s swan song. I left it on by accident one night, and sure enough, it heated itself to death once more… This time it stays that way :frowning:

Reflowing means you dismantle the PS3 and heat up some very specific areas of the mainboard to hopefully re-attach that solder.
You use a heat gun. It worked like a charm every time, but it was a huge pain in the butt.

Great machine in every way other than this, and despite the massively limping way it went out, this thing saw us through 6 or 7 years of gaming.

Dumb Q for you smart PS3 guys. I have a PS3 slim and the optical drive just died.

If I was going to pick up this 60GB one, to use ONLY as a disc-playing game machine, how likely are the heating, etc, problems going to be?

In other words, I keep running the Slim as my Netflix (etc) beast, and for my digital game collection, and ALL I use this 60GB machine for is playing hardcopy PS3 and PS2 games?

I am partly looking at this as, I am in a place where I effectively need to pay money (one way or another) to have access to my existing disc library.


(I still have nightmares involving Arctic Silver and a heat gun.

Is that your advice to me? :slight_smile:

I laughed so hard when I saw this! I had to post something.

enormous hard disk drive (HDD) storage (EHDD)<------ ?

60Gb is pretty huge. Where did they dig these up from. I still have one of these big fat bastards. This would be a deal if it was in a BOC. Define scratch and dent is that used or not? This is a failed buyer from Amazon making his mark in business? I could go on forever, goodnight.

This is a definite buy for me, I’m just not sure how many yet. It would really help me and probably other buyers if we could get a better explanation/clarification on “scratch & dent” Such questions as:

  1. Are these used, or more of a buyers remorse return.
  2. Have they been re-manufactured/re-conditioned at all?
  3. Should we expect huge gouges in then, chips, what could be the extent of the damage.
  4. What firmware do these have on them? If they vary, can we request a specific one (stock pending)
  5. Are the hard drives original, do all of the ports work.
  6. The description states it comes with a generic PS3 controller. If it is not a genuine Dual Shock 3, Is it wireless? If it has an internal battery, is it fresh?

If I could get an answer from Woot for any or all of these questions that would be immensely helpful, Thanks.

I have an old 80 GB model in the same case as this one.

While it does get very hot (too hot to keep in an enclosud media cabinet), I have never had to open it up to “re-flow” the solder or for any other reason.

So I take it the slightly newer 80 GB models had the solder issues fixed? Or did I just get lucky?

I have this model and it still kicking with no issues (Knock on Wood)

One thing I can tell you is that the PS3’s are fantastic game consoles and especially great streaming devices!

I have two! One in my bedroom and one in my living room. One BIG advantage these have over other consoles or other streaming devices is that they stream 3D 1080p content!

Vudu streams 3D content and I’ve, on several occasions streamed full 1080p 3D movies using Vudu and my PS3 to my 3D 55" TV using the active glasses. Of course, the PS3 will also play 3D Blu-Ray discs as well.

On top of this they also support DLNA so you can stream content available on your home network from your PC, MAC or other DLNA device. I have a Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Prime which is a network tuner and the PS3 can play live TV from that because it supports DLNA.

So, if you’re looking for a good full HD player device (streaming and blu-ray) the PS3 is great for that.

I can’t speak to the heat/solder issue as my PS3’s are newer models.

Added Note: You can control the PS3 using a Logitech remote receiver and a Logitech Harmony remote. :slight_smile:

You can obtain this remote receiver from Amazon (the mothership) here: