Sony PlayStation Vita

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Just spent $169 on the Vita Blue at Game Stop on Black Friday. This is a pretty good deal it looks like.

How much storage memory does it come with? The memory cards are pricey…

It looks like it doesn’t have any. Wikipedia says one model has 1 gig of flash memory, but it looks like this isn’t it.

Honestly, know that you’re getting a system without many great games for it. If you’re really into JRPGs, you’ll get some stuff on it that’s well-received, but otherwise the system is practically abandoned. It would be best used for older PlayStation and PSP games, which you can buy from the PlayStation Network.

Do keep in mind, however, the storage is pricey. Sony, in one of their usual greedy moves, opted to use a Vita-exclusive memory card format with inflated prices; a 16GB card is going on Amazon for nearly $40!

Sale does not mention which Vita model is it. That’s weird and a bit shady TBH.

I was hoping for a bit. that’ll add to the system price.
Yeah, i really just want it for dagonranpa and corpse party…

It says First Gen. in the title, if that’s what you’re talking about?

The listing title says
Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi & 3G/WiFi (Scratch & Dent - First Gen.)

In for one. Been eyeing a vita for a while and already am a member of PS+.

2015 new vita ???

[MOD: No, first gen]

Almost certainly not. All the recent press has been about how the Vita is a failed system and Sony has given up on it. Don’t see them spending the money for a redesign any time soon.

That said, we have two and I think they’re fantastic. They have a deep indie catalog, a handful of really good mainstream titles, and just great hardware (though I do like my 2nd gen a bit more than the 1st).

It’s a great deal if you already have a PS+ subscription, though I do wonder how long they’ll keep putting up Vita titles. At least another year, probably…

This is the best price I could find for memory cards, cheaper per GB than getting one of the 64 GB cards.

Does anyone know the video resolution on this? The only way I see myself maybe using this is to stream existing PS4 games. I’m doing it now to android devices they have good resolution but on screen controls are worthless. This looks like it will have good controls but concerned if it isn’t HD will be hard to read text in the games.

The Vita is a wise investment for RPG fans. A waste of money for most others.

As the former I treasure my Vita.

I don’t know the exact resolution, but it does work really well for streaming. Streaming off of wifi works fairly well, but it shines when you’re streaming off the PS4 (in the same house). The controls for most games are done well, and it looks great. Text is usually really easy to read unless the game itself uses tiny text (like The Witcher 3).

I have to disagree. I bought the second generation right when it came out and am amazed how many titles are available for the Vita. The only catch is that the depth is found in the online PlayStation store as downloadables rather than cartridges at your local game store. And the catch to that is that if you want to have a couple of games handy or even just one big game, you’re going to need a proprietary memoery card, which as noted is expensive.

I love my Vita and use it every day at the gym both as a game machine and as a Netflix screen, and think it is fantastic. But it is made much better when paired with a big memory card and a PS Plus account

To me, the Vita is the best portable that just never caught on and therefore doesn’t have the most extensive library.

That said, there are some standout gems like both MediaMolecule games (Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet), and I hear there’s a bigger selection of good Japanese titles. (From what I understand, the PS Vita IS region free as long as you buy the cartridges.)

The vita screen is 960x544 (so roughly 1/2 of 1920x1080 aka 1080p horizontally & vertically) The games look great streamed to it, and many games detect the vita as the target and modify control layouts to better suit the system. It’s way more convenient than streaming to a regular tablet.

@Woot: You may want to swap the first picture with the hands, that’s of the newer 2000 model, and may be causing some confusion. The round(new) vs oval(old) buttons in the bottom right are a giveaway

Here is how you should decide if you should get a Vita. Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want to play oldschool PS1 era RPGs on the go, with the ability to put them in standby and stop playing at any time without having to find a save point?
  2. Do you enjoy modern indie games?
  3. Do you like the more niche Japanese entertainment (i.e. do you view the following words positively: moe, tsuntsun, pantsu)?

If you answered “Yes” 0 times: The Vita is probably not for you. If you got one for free, you could probably find something you enjoy, but it’s almost certainly not worth buying one.

1 time: You’ll probably enjoy the system and get some good value out of this deal. The library might feel a little sparse, though.

2 times: Buy it. You’ll love it, especially at this price. But it’s probably worth it to you at full price as well, if you’d rather have the updated 2000 version.

3 times: What rock have you been living under that you answered yes to all three questions and don’t already own at least two Vitas?