Sony PlayStation Vita

where do i send money to make this happen?

What firmware version is installed on these? Needs to be 3.60 or lower to jailbreak.

This one has the OLED screen. A little worse battery life, but WAY better screen. The contrast ratio is out of this world.

As these are refurbished, it could vary from unit to unit.

UPDATE: Vendor saw the post and confirms that these have firmware version 3.51. :slight_smile:

If only the memory cards weren’t still so expensive.

i agree. i still have my OG vita and use it every few weeks. I bought a nyko battery/grip thing so it would last longer and have a better fit for my big hands.

as to the memory cards. I know the psp had an adapter that you could put sd cards into the shape of the memory stick. not sure if the vita has that. The one I bought was slightly used and had the biggest memory card bundled at he time, so I never looked.

since i still have mine, I haven’t looked at used prices, but this seems a little high to me due to no memory card or games, but what do I know.

Recent used prices I’ve seen in local pawn shops range from $89 to $129 for both the original PCH-1000 or newer PCH-2000 Vitas. I occasionally see memory cards left/included in these pawn shop units which make those even a better deal.

If only you didn’t buy all that Woot Crap, then you would have enough for a memory card.

Some people…

Would you pay $80 for a 32GB memory card [$50 for a 16GB]?

…and have those memory cards die within a year? I’ve had my Vita 2000 model for less than 2 years and I’ve had TWO 32GB cards go bad. The cards are left in the Vita, not removed. The Vita is adult owned and in perfect condition, yet the stupidly expensive cards keep dying.

Hot Take Incoming

If you have PS4, this is a must have. The remote play feature is awesome. I’ve recently played Destiny and Doom w/o issue.

instant click… :slight_smile: got my launch wifi+3g model but foolishly updated past 3.60 so my 64gb card should find a nice new home .

I’ve had my vita since around launch. The OLED version is definitely the one to get, but this price seems rather high. My 32gb card has had no issues, and I often swap things on the card. I doubt there’s any adapters as the memory card is so unique in size and so small.

The back touchpad always seems finicky to me. The remote play feature is awesome, Destiny plays great, but some games like call of duty, don’t play as well. This is due to mapping to the touchscreen or the back touchpads, I always hit these by default, or the default control scheme is awful. As a note - I’ve read you can change the default button settings on the PS4, also swapping buttons on the vita. I haven’t tried this though.

update: just got my PS Vita and as promised it had 3.51 firmware, yay! :slight_smile: