Sony Portable Chargers

Anyone have any idea how long these will hold the charge for? I saw a bunch of these type of things and people complained about how long they held charges.

I have the 2,800 version of this. I believe it holds a charge for 3 months until you have to recharge it again. Mine has a mini USB with an orange light on one end and a standard USB port with a green light on the other end.

I like it and use it on my phone, my tablet (charges to around 50%), and PSP (with an adapter I bought on Amazon). It was confusing to use at first since they replace a battery indicator light; my lights flash when the unit needs a recharge.

An Amazon reviewer mentioned a problem where the light shuts off seconds after recharging the charger with the AC adapter. This does NOT mean it’s broken. It actually means it’s fully charged. Weird I know but that’s how my model works.

I was considering the 7,000 mAh charger to use exclusively for my tablet. Has anyone had any experiences using it?

this isn’t a very good deal for what you’re getting. you can get a much larger battery capacity (around 18,000) for around this price or less.

I have the 2,000 mAh version & the 7,000 mAh version. I used to keep the smaller 2,000 in my purse at all times mainly for charging my iPhone, and occasionally for giving my digital camera a boost. It has always worked great! I more recently stepped up to the 7,000 which easily powers my iPad AND my iPhone…even at the same time! Passed my 2,000 on to my husband since he doesn’t have an iPad and he now loves it too (he still uses a Blackberry BTW…but that’s a story for another time!). For those who have commented about cheaper versions available…that’s absolutely true. However, I’ve tried those in the past & I’ve found with these that you truly get what you pay for. Check out previous posts on Woot and elsewhere for the cheaper ones and you’ll read endless stories of “crapping out after a few uses”, “never did work right” & even “thanks for the paperweight” or worse, those I’ve read who report the cheaper ones starting fires. OK…probably too much for one post…as you can tell…I love my Sony chargers & find them well worth a couple more bucks for the much better performance, quality & longevity you get!

I bought one here a couple months ago after going through several of the cheaper ones that never worked well. This has been solid and allows me to put in an 18 hour day keeping both my iPad & HTC One (a battery hog of a phone) charged.