Sony Portable Chargers

The 7000 MilliAmp version is great, I bought one months ago, ended up giving it to a friend who needed it for a trip. I ordered a replacement one on Woot about a month ago. I ordered it, but the shipper recalled the package in mid-transit, and Woot Customer service could do nothing about getting the product I ordered to me than to refund my purchase.

I am hoping the same thing does not happen again this time, really want to replace the one I gave away.

Hello Cerprime,
I represent the US Distributor of Sony Portable Power & do apologize you were unable to receive the 2nd one of these you ordered! These are indeed a Hot commodity which sometimes even the delivery guys can’t seem to resist! I’m guessing Woot CS didn’t reach out to us to reship a replacement since this item sold out last time. As long as you purchase before this one sells out, you should have no issues receiving well before Christmas! Thank you for your repeat business!


Please be advised, I ordered it from Woot, the website never indicated it sold out. Fedex informed me the package was recalled by the shipper on the day of delivery, in fact, that very morning. I ordered it in time, paid in time, the fault for the failure of this product being delivered was caused by the shipper, not me, not woot. Woot customer service could not resolve the situation. I suggest you speak to your shipper about why this incident happened so it does not happen again.

Thanks for the follow up & details, CerPrime. Sounds like some confusion on the shipper (FedEx) side…and I have passed on to our Logistics Mgr. to see if he’s able to contact FedEx to see why they turned this back. If you would still like one of these, since you were refunded your pmt by Woot last time, feel free to reorder now & we are happy to ship out ASAP for you of course. Thx!!

Bought the 7000 MilliAmp version because I thought it was li-Poly. It’s not. It’s li-ion.

I’m sorry. If you feel that you didn’t get the advertised product, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.