Sony Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker

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Sony Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $89.99
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Time to check out the product page and check out this review over at Cnet

4.6 Stars over at Best Buy

I played with one of these on a display stand at a local big box retailer a while back and I have to admit, I was blown away by the sound quality. I was expecting the dull lifeless sound that other similar sized products like the Jambox put out but this was actually… kinda nice. The NFC pairing is super easy, too. If I didn’t already own a smaller TDK Bluetooth speaker, this unit at this price would be in my cart already. Even though it’s not water-resistant like the TDK, I kinda wish I’d waited for this to go on sale (back then it was $200). I think it’s a great all around speaker, especially at this price.

This is the best sounding portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker I’ve heard, hands down. I’ve demoed Bose Soundlink, UE Boom, JamBox, Beats, Klipsch KMC1 and KMC3, etc. Many of those sound great too, but at this price point, which is way less than most of the ones I listed here, you absolutely can’t go wrong. The sound is rich and the bass is strong yet tight and not boomy. In for one even though I already own an iHome cheapy, a KMC1,and just bought the TDK A33. This one is that good.


I have had an SRS-X5 for about 2 months now and very pleased. I listened to all the same listed above and picked the Sony. Most reviews compared it to the Bose Soundlink mini, but I felt it was more comparable to the full size Soundlink. I preferred the sound of the Sony. At $89 I don’t think any of the others compare.

I own this. I bought it open box for maybe $110.

It has fantastic sound, good battery life, is simple to use. I love it. You won’t regret buying this.

I’m thinking about using this in a car, is it stable/heavy enough to sit in place w/o falling over on turns, acceleration, etc.,?

Also do you have to press the phone button every time you send or receive a phone call? Or can you listen to music and just make a call whenever? Where I put it in the car will not be easy to get to while driving.

What color is it? White or black?

How come fans of the NFC teams get their own speaker? C’mon, show some love for the AFC, people!

Even California is all about equality! To top it off, Seattle is the only team to have played in both championships. Am I right, Woot?


Let me add my support, I got this speaker for more money from the mother company a few months ago, and I’ve gotten many compliments on the sound, the volume and clarity fill my room with great sound, the highs are distinct and the bass is great. If I needed another, I’d jump all over this at this price.

Wow! I’m an owner of this speaker too, and it honestly is the best ever. It has so much bass it actually vibrated itself off the table a couple of times when I had it turned up a little too loud. For this price, I’m in for another!

Yes…what is the color?? They show 2 pics…but you cant choose.

Best I can tell, it’s whichever they decide to send, no distinct indication, other than the white pictures are first. That said, the color difference appears to be the grille, both appear black around the edge.

I emailed WOOT and they said they can’t tell from the specs so they don’t know… Amazon has it for $40, but if it means I get the color I want, I may swing that way :confused:

*$40 more

I really hope I receive an all black one. Forget that, I just hope I receive one at all. It has been so long since I purchased and the product still has not shipped! The deceitful practice of creating a tracking number weeks before the product ships is why I rarely purchase from Woot. Last time I purchased something, I received my item before the tracking number was even updated once!

i had ordered the item 1 week back still no update, it just created label.i dont know when will they ship. there is no customer support number for woot thats interesting.

Karthic1,I too only have a label created. I have been eagerly refreshing the tracking for days but to no avail. This is typical for high demand items sold om woot or items drop shipped by an outside vendor. If you look at the first comment by wootbot, it appears that this was a big seller. Give them their 8 days to ship then raise a stink.