Sony Portable Power Supplies & Batteries

Oh hey, I’ve seen these batteries before. Yea, I ordered these the last time they were on sale! How are they you ask? Well, i wouldn’t know. Why? Because I never received them. Yea thats right, never got em. Somehow they were damaged between the time they left the Woot warehouse and arrived in my city. Thanks FedEx! Oh oh oh and the best part? After contacting FedEx about the status of my package, they were all “Hey guy, Oh your package? Yeah thats been damaged. Sorry bro. We’re sending it back to the shipper.” Then i was all like “Argh, Woot fix my problems!” and Woot was all like “Sorry bro. We’re all out of batteries. Here’s your money back.” I wept. My son wept. My son hasn’t stopped weeping for weeks now, because none his toys have the Sony Stamina Plus batteries that daddy was buying for him. I also have major trust issues now. So yea, thanks guys.

You’re welcome, Sam!

The “retail” price from Amazon and is $24.99, not the $49.99 you have listed (maybe thats the bigger model?)

Shoot. You figured me out.

You are a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad boy, theco2.


you can buy 14.6v lipos @ 5500mah, or ~75wh for under $30 if you look around.

A charger (free if you already have lipos), a project box ($1 or so), battery connector female leads, and a rc 5v ubec ($5-10 i like 5a ish ones so i can charge my tablets that pull up to 25w), along with a female usb lead ($1 or so).

And you can diy these on the cheap.

An otterbox with a bit of silicone sealant and its water proof.

Then you can swap out batteries, or upgrade capacities if you want.

I have 3x 14.6v 5500mah lipos, and 2x 7.6v 2200mah lipo packs i use with my ubec with a xt40 female input, and the female end of a usb extension on the output.

All in all, its a hell of a lot cheaper/versatile to diy, but ugly unless you spend the extra $10 to get a waterproof box to enclose it in. Still worth it though.

But not everyone is as handy with a soldering iron, or wants to screw around with lipo packs like that. I’m proud to be one of the few that is.

15+ years ago we were willing to pay a premium for the SONY name.

No longer. SONY has used up its brand capital and more. The trust is especially gone on TVs. What a shame and waste of a rock solid and incredible brand.

Don’t forget the proprietary cables and plugs they require for their devices. I can’t just borrow someone else’s micro-USB cable to charge my tablet when I go out, because Sony’s got their own special plug with a special cord that has a special transformer-thingy on it. I mean, I knew it was fancy like that when I got it, but it didn’t really sink in for a few days until I really thought about it.

What I’m saying is that Sony has made some great things but they come at a great cost and sometimes it isn’t worth it. Stop being so paranoid or whatever about your things, Sony.

(This is neither here nor there about these power supplies, though (though they won’t do jack for the aforementioned tablet).)

I’ve went through quite a few no name batteries such as these. All offered more capacity, for equal or less money. I wouldn’t say SONY used up their brand capital, because these are the only ones I’ve used that’ve lasted more than a month of everyday use so far.

One of the biggest differences, is the overly short micro usb cables it comes with is much more robust than others.

This thing wasn’t perfect, require a driver update before it would charge from PC, and it takes a really long time to reach full charge. But it seems to charge my phone faster than other similar products (galaxy s3), and as mentioned durability is the best I’ve encountered so far.

I got one for my sister as well. She has a habit of treating her electronics abusively. She hasn’t broken this yet.