Sony Portable Power

I assume the answer is no, but it never hurts to ask: Is there any reason this wouldn’t work with Apple products?

Charges my iphone right up!!

You have one? How do you like it and is it worth the price? I was thinking of getting two due to the discount.

I love it, and find myself using it all the time. Definitely worth getting at least one, especially at this price.

Thanks. One more question (if you don’t mind): How long does the charger maintain its charge?

I usually leave it in my golf bag for a month or even longer, and still charges my devices right up!!

I have both the 7000mah and 2000mah. They can charge my iPhone 5 no problems.

The 2,000mah one can charge it 0-75%

7,000mah one charges it about 2.5 times.

Hope it helps.

Found a nice review…

I am looking at this and wondering is is usable for an IPhone 4. I guess I am trying to figure out the if where you plug it in is the right size for this. Thanks.

You plug the usb side of your charging cable into the portable power. It will charge any phone with a usb cable and other devices.

I am confused - do they expect you to charge your iPhone with a miniUSB, or can you plug your regular USB charging cord into the unit (the same port you charge the unit to begin with)?

For an iPhone, you would use the included microUSB cable to charge the device. You would then use your iPhone’s cable to charge the phone.

That help?

Ah! The micro USB charges the power stick! Got it!

If only they sold one with their proprietary plug included.

/has a Tablet S that will only ever charge in one place because by golly the two-part power cable is annoying and it’s not like I can use any other cable besides the one type of Sony cable UGH ANYWAY

Does anyone know if this will charge a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 and how long it will take?

The silver 7,000 mAh version will definitely charge a Galaxy tab 2 (or any other tablet!). Not sure how long it takes, but with 7,000 mAh, my experience says it won’t take long, and should provide 5+ hours of added power! If you just plan to charge your phone up, I’d go for the 2,000 mAh version. If you plan to charge tablet &/or phone, you can do both with the 7,000 mAh…possibly even at the same time with the dual ports!